Industrial Services

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Industrial Cleaning and Operational Support

Industrial Maintenance

Operation and Movement of Earth

Work at height

Environmental Management


Work at height

  • Repairs and Works at Height.
  • Construction and Maintenance of Walls, Ceilings and Ceilings.
  • Maintenance of Equipment at Height.
  • Maintenance and Repair of Structures in Height.
  • Washing with Ultra High Pressure in Height (UHP).

Industrial maintenance

  • Civil Works and Construction (Plumbing, Painting, Carpentry, Masonry, Locksmith and Lighting)
  • Electrical maintenance.
  • Mechanical maintenance.
  • Maintenance of sanitary installations.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Manufacture and Assembly of structures.
  • Project Engineering.
  • Maintenance of Specialized Equipment.

Operation and movement of earth

  • Operation of Specialized Equipment.
  • Operation of Radio Controlled Equipment.
  • Crane and Forklift Operation.
  • Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Material.

Industrial cleaning and operational support

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Process Plants, Crushers, Mills and Industrial Pools.
  • Dust Monitoring and Control. High Vacuum Suction Systems.
  • Ultra High Pressure Cleaning (UHP)
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Conveyor Belts, Pulleys and Material Transport Equipment.
  • Cleaning of Mining Equipment.
  • Industrial Mechanized Sweep.
  • Operation, Segregation and Treatment of Mill Balls.
  • Dredging and Separation of Solids.

Environmental Management

  • Extraction, Removal, Transport and Disposal of Waste.
  • Management of Solid Industrial Waste and Riles.
  • Management of Organic and Household Waste.
  • Management of Hazardous and Contaminated Waste.
  • Management of Yards and Transfer Centers.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of Drinking Water and Wastewater Plants.

Our proposal

We want to provide an excellent service

Give your best to achieve the efficiency of our processes and generate a unique experience for the organization and customers.

We want to guide the Client

Work professionally and constantly to have a relationship of trust and transparency with customers and achieve full satisfaction

We want to be responsible

We carry out the work in order and on time with trust, honesty and transparency, to contribute to the success of our organization and the relationship with our clients.

We want to make it easy

Committed to sobriety in our way of managing resources, efficiently and optimizing all our processes.

We want to deliver security

We carry out all our activities and behaviors safely, seeking the protection of people and our organization.

We want to be innovative

We encourage creativity and flexibility in our work teams and processes with the aim of being at the forefront of the industry.

We are persevering

We promote the continuous improvement of our actions with an open attitude to new challenges to meet the objectives.