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Tell me about yourself, where was she born, where did she grow up, her studies and his family?

I was born in SEWELL on October 11, 1947, Sewell is a Mining Camp, Copper deposit of the Braden Cooper Company is currently the El Teniente Mine at 89 km. east of Rancagua.

My childhood was spent in the Sewell Camp and I attended the American School no. December 27 of the year 1969 Camp and at the age of 8 I had to move to Rancagua to the boarding house of the Misses. mill ; I traveled by train to Sewell to see my parents every Saturday, going up at 12:30 and coming down on Sunday at 16:30 so that I could continue with my elementary and middle school studies at the Marist Brothers of the Instituto O’ Higgins, finishing my studies at the Liceo Oscar Castro.

In 1968, I entered the Carabineros de Chile, graduating as Second Lieutenant of Order and Security, being assigned to different Departments of the country (Talca, Rengo, Rancagua and Santiago) reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of Carabineros, Graduated Officer, accepting voluntary retirement in October 1990.

My family consisted of my father: Rodolfo González González, he worked for 30 years at the Braden Cooper Company, entering as a day laborer and reaching the position of Head of the Department. Construction and Maintenance; my mother Teresa Politt Donis, a housewife; My older brother Héctor González Politt, was a Franciscan priest for 15 years, passed away 5 years ago; Rodolfo González Politt, Professor of History and Geography, alive; Sister Jeannette González Politt, Executive Secretary.

On December 15 of the year 1973 I married Sonia Ackerknecht Bustos and three children were born:

Christian Andrés, by profession Dr. in Economics, divorced and 3 children (one girl and two boys), my grandchildren María Trinidad, Vicente and Gaspar.

German Alejandro by profession Industrial Civil Engineer, married to Carly Villablanca Roja and 3 children (two boys and one girl), Agustín, Antonia and Matías.

Ignacio Andrés by profession Civil Engineer in Mines, single.

What is the origin of C&G, how did you come to dedicate yourself to this 29 years ago?

In 1993, after I lost my job at Xerox in July 1993, as a homeowner, husband and father, I had to ensure my family’s daily support, for 6 months I looked for a job until in December I had the opportunity to participate in the Organic Waste Collection and Transportation Service of the El Teniente Division, awarding me the contract for this Service for 5 years and this was repeated three more times.

Later the same year we were awarded other contracts, such as the ACHS, Consalud, banks, finance companies of Rancagua and another contract for office toilets in Caletones, Sewell and the El Teniente Division Mine.


The horizon of expanding our services to Santiago and Regions was opened.

Over time, Christian Andrés and later Germán Alejandro joined the company as executives, since with them a substantial growth was registered in the provision of services to both clients and workers throughout the country.

The Name of C & G was defined as:

C = Christian & G = German

Later, when Ignacio arrives, the & means his name.

I must emphasize that the origin of this company was to bring daily sustenance to the family, but given the circumstances of effort, dedication, quality, growth and customer recognition were obtained.

What were the most painful and satisfying milestones of this undertaking?

In response to this question, it should be noted that the saying goes «when it costs the most, it is when you want it the most» and when you do not know how to take care of losing it, it is a strong impact.

Among the painful milestones, it was my heart attack since I was away from my obligations for more than 45 days and assuming my son Christian Andrés when he was in his third year at the University and I was predicted a black future that was even predicted that I could not continue working.

Thank God that was not the case and today I can say with satisfaction that I have managed to fulfill my professional and family obligations.

Satisfactory milestones, the development of the company over time was a permanent satisfaction since the growth, the responsibility given, perseverance and quality that has been permanently recognized by the clients.

It would be long to enumerate the satisfactions received, considering the number of workers and their families that depend on our management, this is a tremendous milestone obtained and maintained.

How do you project the future of C&G, what should be its hallmark?

The future of the world today is focused on technology and not necessarily the elimination of collaborators, on the contrary, technology allows training and maximum performance of collaborators with the support of today’s technology, call it ROBOTICS.

The seal is printed on our management, which is the quality, perseverance, transparency, honorability and professionalism of its collaborators.

I see the future supported by the daily work with the implementation of robotics.

If you could give one piece of advice to the entrepreneur Germán González from 1993, what would it be?

The truth is that advice cannot be given since the man lives his own experience and from there he draws his conclusions to proceed, in this case the best are suggestions of:

What to do, when to do it, why to do it and the most important expression is HOW TO DO IT, in these simple expressions lies the success of an undertaking, also considering that perseverance must exist in each action or step that is taken, selfless dedication to the cause, define the quality, honorability and professionalism that must be dedicated to this task.


Excellence: Give your best to achieve the efficiency of our processes and generate a unique experience for the organization and customers.

Customer Orientation: Work professionally and constantly to have a relationship of trust and transparency with customers and achieve full satisfaction.

Responsibility: We carry out work in an organized and timely manner with trust, honesty and transparency, to contribute to the success of our organization and the relationship with our clients.

Simplicity: Committed to sobriety in our way of managing resources, efficiently and optimizing all our processes.

Safety: We carry out all our activities and behaviors safely, seeking the protection of people and our organization.

Innovation: We encourage creativity and flexibility in our work teams and processes with the aim of being at the forefront of the industry.

Perseverance: We encourage the continuous improvement of our actions with an open attitude to new challenges to meet the objectives.


Grupo C&G’s mission is to deliver a wide range of quality services, incorporating innovation, with a human team of excellence, contributing to the continuous improvement of our clients’ processes.


The Vision of the C&G Group is to become a Group specialized in the provision of services, recognized for its leadership and the use of state-of-the-art and robotic technology, strengthening quality, safety and efficiency, with a presence in the National and International Market.

Leader in

Industrial Services and Facility


Code of Ethics and Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to publicize the values of the administrative management of the C&G Servicios Industriales Group, represented by the value of Unity, Dialogue, Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity and Transparency.